If you or your ex-partner is eligible for Legal Aid funding then the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is free to you both and, NOW, so is the first of your mediation sessions.


Consent Orders

OFM is pleased to announce a new capability which adds to the services which are presently offered: the writing of Consent Orders for financial matters . Please ask for further details

Job Opportunity for a Trainee Mediator

Oxfordshire Family Mediation is pleased to extend the opportunity for a Trainee Mediator.

If you have a thorough appreciation of Family Mediation and would like to be considered please email us aski...

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April 16 Spring Walk

OFM invites you on a Spring Walk on Sunday 10th April 2016.

Please support children of separated families while enjoying the pleasures of a walk in beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

To apply or sim...

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Oxfordshire Children design new website

Oxfordshire Children have designed a new website for young people with OFM and OYAP.

This website has been designed by young people who have been affected by parental s...

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Changes to Child Maintenance

Under new Child Maintenance rules if an amicable arrangement cannot be reached the paying parent - usually the father - will have a 20% fee added to the maintenance payment, while the receiving parent...

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Family Law Legal Aid after April 2013

Family Law Legal Aid after April 2013

Legal Aid will not longer be available for legal advice and representation from April 2013 unless a client can demonstrate that they have experienced domestic ab...

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