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At least one in four children will experience the divorce of their parents by the time they are 16 years old (see here). Of this group, 75% are more likely to fail at school than their peers, and up to 70% are more likely to turn to drugs and/or alcohol to cope (Centre for Social Research, 2010).

Despite this alarming statistic, our experience and research has shown that there is little out there for children, and young people in particular, who are looking to reach out for support as a result of family breakdown.

Given that people across the UK are spending more than half of their day online or using digital media, and that young people aged 16-24 are squeezing over 14 hours of media time into a 9 hour time frame each day (see here) - we felt that it was about time that the online support gap for young people affected by parental separation and divorce was addressed.

In a pioneering project funded by Children in Need (2012-13) and Awards for All (2014-15), Oxfordshire Family Mediation joined together with OYAP Trust to work alongside young people aged 11-18 through a series of creative workshops in schools across Oxfordshire. 

These workshops utilised forum theatre, animation, vlogging, film making, music and more to encourage the young people taking part to explore their familial situation, share their experiences in a supportive environment amongst peers, and develop creative and inspirational content for others in a similar situation.

This content then contributed towards the launch of, the first website of its kind designed for young people, by young people, on the issue of parental separation and divorce.

Fragments Feedback

The 'Fragments' workshop series received fantastic feedback throughout the project, and enabled those who took part to realise that they are not alone in their experiences of family breakdown and to take pride in having created a nationwide resource for young people affected by parental separation.

"[I have learnt] that it is ok to talk about how you feel as well as the knowledge that there are always people you can speak to" (anonymous Fragments participant)

"We do care if our parents get along - it impacts us if they don't. So if they can make it work, they should" (anonymous Fragments participant)

"[Fragments is] insightful, engaging, memorable, helpful, fun!" (anonymous Fragments participant)


Check out the film below which documents the first stages of Fragments, or to see a finale film created by some of the young people who took part in Phase 1 (2012-13), click here


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