Group Workshops

OFM Group Workshops - Peer Support for Children and Young People

About the Project

Group Workshops are peer support programmes run by OFM in conjunction with local schools and hubs across Oxfordshire. They aim to provide children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18, with a safe space in which to explore their feelings connected to parental separation and divorce.

Each Group runs over a course of 6 sessions lasting up to 2 hours, for a maximum of 6 participants.  Children and young people taking part are usually grouped together according to their age (e.g. ages 6-8 or 14-15), and are invited to come together to draw strength and insights from one another by exploring their unique, yet shared experiences of family breakdown.

Group Workshop sessions are run by specialist facilitators who offer creative and age-appropriate exercises for those taking part. This may include; making stress balls, creating worry warriors, charting feeling in the body, developing tools for expressing difficult emotions (e.g. journaling, calm down kits, breathing exercises) and more.

If your school or local hub is interested in running a Group Workshop series, please contact OFM via email or on 0844 847 6658.

NB - Group Sessions are currently on hold and we are not taking further bookings

Please note, we also offer comprehensive training packages for parents and for professionals working with children and families affected by separation and divorce.

Client Feedback

Here's what some of the children and young people who have taken part in a Group Workshop series have had to say about it:

“I learned that it's not only me that worries. I liked [making] puppets, peg dolls, [and] talking about worries” (anonymous Group Workshop participant)

“I loved getting to express my feelings” (anonymous Group Workshop participant)

and the schools who hosted the workshops...

“I think you are a great resource and there is a huge need for you at the moment” (anonymous school staff member)

“[since going to Group Workshops] one of the children has been more open and disclosed that he has a tremor in his hand and that is why he is disruptive in class to distract from his problem. His doctor has quickly referred him to a specialist” (anonymous school staff member) 


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