Mediation is a tool for individuals to find a way forward after their separation. It keeps decision-making in their hands, and generally reduces the stress and expense of court. In mediation, two people meet to negotiate a way forward, with the help of an independent third party. It is not about getting couples back together, nor about blaming each other. Mediators recognise the emotional strain of separation. They understand that those facing a difficult situation involving children or questions about future financial security can find it hard to discuss things calmly. The mediator’s role is to help people keep the emotions under control, discuss the problems, and agree solutions that work for both individuals and any children who may be involved.

For more information about the mediation process, please see How does mediation work? People are generally encouraged to use mediation to consider mediation for family matters before making a court application. There is more information about this requirement here. Many other questions our clients have about mediation are answered here.

Our mediators come from a range of backgrounds and have all completed the extensive training and accreditation required to offer publicly funded mediation. We mediate at a variety of locations in Oxfordshire.