Meet the Mediators

The way your mediation enquiry will be handled has changed. OFM office staff will no longer take new referrals, which should now be sent directly to the mediators listed below.

OFM will continue to work with all existing clients through our office in Witney until June.

Oxfordshire Family Mediation is a charity that will soon cease to operate. However, its team of experienced mediators will continue to provide family mediation on an independent basis. The mediators can be contacted directly to discuss and make arrangements for mediation with you.

For enquiries, please contact:

For Oxford- Kerry Williamson, Mediator and Professional Practice Consultant

Tel: 07532 308046

Roger Cullen, Family Mediator

Tel: 07854 279638

For Banbury and Bicester- Jenny Harris, Family Mediator

Tel: 07773 749998

For Witney & Kidlington Jane Hedges, Family Mediator

Tel: 07557 112163

For Didcot Berkshire Family Mediation

Tel: 01189 571159

Mediation is a very important part of reducing conflict during divorce and separation and in helping those affected to reach fair solutions. If you think you may be eligible for Legal Aid, please let the mediator know when you make contact to find out about your options.

We will do all we can to ensure that you will continue to be satisfied with the mediation service we provide during this transition period.

If you are already part of an ‘open file’ and have any concerns please feel free to email or call on 08448476658 or 01993 708 546.

Our Children’s Voice service is to continue for now and so we still welcome applications and referrals.

Local Family Mediators can also be found at or via National Family Mediation on

Meet the Mediators

All our mediators are trained by National Family Mediation (  NFM is a full member of the Family Mediation Council (, the body that sets standards for mediation services in the UK.

Mediators come from a variety of professional backgrounds. They spend around 2 years as trainees, learning the process of mediation, and shadowing accredited mediators, before becoming accredited themselves. They are assessed and authorised by the Legal Aid Agency.  They are experienced in helping people discuss and decide a wide range of issues, including children’s arrangements, how best to support children when parents live separately, how to manage finances and deciding on the division of assets. Our mediators receive regular supervision and undergo continuing professional development with our Professional Practice Consultant and NFM.

Together our mediators have 75 years of experience as family mediators.

Mediators come from a range of backgrounds which offer the relevant experience, skills and personal qualities required to enter the core Family Mediation Training. There are various levels of qualification, the most thorough of which is accreditation by the Legal Services Commission, and enables mediators to work with "legally aided" clients. All of OFM’s mediators are qualified to this standard, which means that they must complete:

  • The Core Family Mediation Training course, conducted over a four month period.
  • Mediation practice, working with a Professional Practice Consultant or suitably qualified co-mediator, in accordance with the Family Mediation Council Code of Practice.
  • An assessed portfolio to demonstrate their competence in particular skills. This final stage usually takes between a year and eighteen months.

Kerry Williamson BA Law, PGCE
Member of the College of Mediators,  Mediator accredited by NFM and LAA Practice Consultant and Senior Mediator

With a law degree and a background in teaching and training, Kerry has been an LAA -accredited mediator since 2002 and a Professional Practice Consultant since 2009. She has been instrumental in the design and delivery of a wide range of training programmes to professionals, volunteers and parents, on behalf of OFM and National Family Mediation. Kerry is available to deliver most of our training packages. She is qualified to conduct the Separated Parenting Information Programme and to meet directly with children in Child Inclusive Mediation. She believes in making knowledge and information as accessible as possible to those wishing to make decisions about their lives.  


Roger Cullen BA, PGCE, MA Philosophy, MSc Applied Social Studies Law Soc Accreditation
Mediator accredited by NFM, FMC and LAA, Member of the College of Mediators

Roger’s career began as a Probation Officer and Court Welfare Officer over 30 years ago. He qualified as a family mediator in 1989, was accredited by NFM 1990 and by the LAA in 1998 and became Coordinator and Practice Supervisor for OFM between 1989 and 1997. He has since been working in youth justice and restorative justice, including as an advisor for the Youth Justice Board. He returned to OFM in 2008 as a family mediator. Roger is qualified to meet directly with children for Child Inclusive Mediation.

Pauline Edwards BA, PGCE, Dip Psychology,  
Member of the College of Mediators,  Mediator accredited by LAA and FMC

Pauline’s career began as a teacher, and then in 1992 she trained to become a qualified solicitor, specialising in Family Law and practising locally until 2009. Her work as a solicitor and her concern to reduce the conflict and distress for separating couples and their children led her to train as a mediator in 1999 and she has been a family mediator with OFM since then. She was accredited by the LAA in 2000 and is committed to helping couples and families to reach mediated solutions.   


Isobel Filkin Cert of Qual Social Work
Member of the College of Mediators,  Mediator accredited by NFM, FMC and LAA

Isobel has been a family mediator since 1991, accredited by NFM in 1993 and by LAA in 1999. She is also an Accredited Practice Consultant and a Family Mediation Children’s Worker, qualified to meet directly with children for Child Inclusive Mediation since 1996. She carries out court duty regularly and is in touch with the practical issues involving legal separations. She was involved in the design of OFM’s Parenting Apart Programme in 2010 and delivers the Separated Parenting Information Programme.


Jane Hedges BSc 
Member of the College of Mediators,  Mediator accrecited by NFM and FMC Accredited

Jane has spent the majority of her working life as a solicitor specialising in property work, as well as bringing up her family of four. Deciding on a career change that reflects her interests, she took the National Family Mediation Core Training in 2010. She also delivers the Separated Parenting Information Programme. She was NFM accredited in 2013 and is qualified to meet directly with children for Child Inclusive Mediation.


Jenny Harris

  Jenny Harris
  Member of the College of Mediators,  
  Mediator, LAA, NFM and FMC Accredited

Jenny has been a family mediator since 1991 and  was accredited by NFM in 1993 and by LAA in  1999. She has has worked within dispute resolution for many years, returning to OFM as a Mediator  in 2009. She also delivers the Separated Parenting Information Programme and acts as  mentor for  trainee Mediators. Jenny is qualified to meet directly with children for Child Inclusive Mediation.





Office Staff

Wendy Aldiss - Service Director.

Jayne Jefferies - Head of Operations

Kerry Williamson - Professional Practice Consultant and Senior Mediator.

Katy Hamilton- Fundraising & Event Co-ordinator.

Sasha Newman - Case worker.

Lindsey Worvill - Case Worker.

The team is based in our Witney office.