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The way your mediation enquiry will be handled has changed. OFM office staff will no longer take new referrals, which should now be sent directly to the mediators listed below.

OFM will continue to work with all existing clients through our office in Witney until June.

Oxfordshire Family Mediation is a charity that will soon cease to operate. However, its team of experienced mediators will continue to provide family mediation on an independent basis. The mediators can be contacted directly to discuss and make arrangements for mediation with you.

For enquiries, please contact:

For Oxford- Kerry Williamson, Mediator and Professional Practice Consultant

Email: kwmediationoxford@gmail.com;
Website: https://www.kwmediation.org
Tel: 07532 308046

Roger Cullen, Family Mediator

Email: roger.cullenfamilymediator@myphone.coop;
Tel: 07854 279638

For Banbury and Bicester- Jenny Harris, Family Mediator

Email: northoxfordshiremediation@gmail.com;
Tel: 07773 749998

For Witney & Kidlington Jane Hedges, Family Mediator

Email: janehedgesfamilymediation@gmail.com;
Tel: 07557 112163

For Didcot Berkshire Family Mediation

Email: info@berksfm.co.uk;
Tel: 01189 571159

Mediation is a very important part of reducing conflict during divorce and separation and in helping those affected to reach fair solutions. If you think you may be eligible for Legal Aid, please let the mediator know when you make contact to find out about your options.

We will do all we can to ensure that you will continue to be satisfied with the mediation service we provide during this transition period.

If you are already part of an ‘open file’ and have any concerns please feel free to email admin@ofm.org.uk or call on 08448476658 or 01993 708 546.

Our Children’s Voice service is to continue for now and so we still welcome applications and referrals.

Local Family Mediators can also be found at https://www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk/find-local-mediator or via National Family Mediation on http://www.nfm.org.uk.


We can arrange for your Appointment to be held at one of our locations across Oxfordshire.  These are:


Please discuss your preference when making a booking.


  **MIAMs are available at all our locations and are £100 including VAT (free if you are eligible for Legal Aid). A deposit of £25.00 is required to book your MIAM with £75.00 left to pay at your meeting.

We do not take sides: we aim for solutions that work for everyone.

This website contains details on how mediation works, our costs, our meeting locations, our Children’s Services, our team of mediators, how you can contact us, and how you can support our organisation.

If you have any queries, please consult our FAQ, or contact our  office on 0844 8476658.

Mediation is good value and may even be free, if you or your partner are eligible for Legal Aid.

Legal Aid is still available for mediation. At your first meeting we will discuss the cost of mediation and establish if mediation is free for you. Even if it isn't free, using mediation to resolve issues costs a lot less than taking a battle through the court process. If you or your ex-partner are eligible for Legal Aid you both get one mediation session free. The person eligible gets all sessions free.


Mediation brings additional savings

If you are eligible for Legal Aid for Family Mediation, and participate in the process, you may also be entitled to free legal advice and obtain a consent order through the 'Help with Family Mediation' Legal Aid scheme.

If you are looking for DNA tests or tests for drug or alcohol use our clients in mediation can get a discounted service.

For clients in mediation at OFM there are childrens' services available to support children affected by separation at low or no cost.

Remember that you need to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting before making an application to court.

Download the Information for Litigants in Person factsheet from National Family Mediation, or click for the Bar Council's Guide to Representing Yourself in Court.

Baby blowing dandilion
  • "I am no longer stressed about the situation"

  • "I felt the service was very good and fair.  I did not feel rushed or pressurised at any time"

  • "The mediator was superb, in often difficult circumstances!"

  • "Mediation helped me with the process of parting, I felt stronger for my sessions and able to move quicker than I thought. I felt more confident when I spoke to my legal adviser because of my sessions"

  • "Mediation enabled us to talk through how to separate our finances. I feel we would have had to go to court without it. It was a very helpful experience. The mediators were always tactful, calm and friendly"

  • "As I was the innocent victim and that affair was such a shock, this was one of the hardest things that I have done. However, I am glad that I persevered with it and if it wasn't for the support of our mediator, helping me gently through it, I wouldn't have made it. Thank you very much to the mediator"

  • "The mediator's calmness and patience at every stage helped us to make good progress with what seemed to be a daunting process"

  • "Both my wife and I were full of admiration for your mediator. We liked her immediately on meeting. She has a really lovely manner and is obviously an expert in dealing with people and their problems. She has a gentle sense of humour which eased the situation more than once. What a really impressive and delightful lady!"

  • "The mediator was calm, even when we lost our tempers, and remained impartial throughout"

  • "I felt the service was excellent and empowered me and gave me a voice in a constructive way within discussions with my ex partner. Our mediator was excellent and I felt that she did as much as she could for us and went through a lot of trouble on our behalf to organise appointments at the last minute due to circumstances"

  • "Mediation has helped me see things more clearly. Although we have been unable to resolve our issues outside of court, our day to day communication has improved and this has benefited my son"

If you would like to contact
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0844 8476658
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