Step 1 – Contact Us

You can do this by phone or e-mail.

The quickest method is to download a referral form, complete it and send it back to the mediator you would like to work with.

We will set up a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting for you. You decide whether you want us to contact the other person about mediation in advance of your initial meeting.

Step 2 – MIAM: An initial individual meeting for you

You meet the mediator individually for a 45 - 55 minute Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

You’ll find out about mediation, say what is important to you and decide whether mediation is right for you at this time.

If mediation is not possible or suitable for some reason, we will help you to consider the alternatives. If you decide to proceed, we contact the other person to encourage them to attend their own individual meeting.

Step 3 – Mediation meetings for you and the other person

After both MIAM appointments, we arrange joint meetings of 90 minutes each, at dates and times agreed by both of you.

Your mediator works with you to agree an agenda and support your discussion of these points. Your mediator will make sure you are both heard and taken seriously, help you to look at the situation from different perspectives, and give you the time and space to decide what is best in your circumstances.

After each session the mediator can produce a summary of any decisions made in the meeting. It is not a detailed record of the session, but will reflect options considered, agreements reached and any further action needed.

Step 4 – Outcomes

For matters concerning children, you can expect to have two or three mediation meetings. For financial matters, you might expect three to five.

When you reach a final agreement with your ex-partner, we will draft a summary of your decisions. 75% of our clients have reached agreed outcomes.

Step 5 – Reviewing arrangements

You are welcome to return to mediation at any stage.

Mediation can provide a safe and constructive opportunity for you to review matters if and when it would be helpful.