We are independent sole trader family mediators, who for the purpose of developing and improving the family mediation service we provide collaborate with each other as Oxfordshire Family Mediators, a non-profit making unincorporated association.  We are all collectively responsible for the association, and we are open to new members applying to join. The current members of Oxfordshire Family Mediators are Sally Brooks who covers the Banbury and Bicester area, and Kerry Williamson and Claire Hill who cover Oxford City.

We are committed to providing a high-quality mediation service which is affordable and accessible to all clients in need of mediation.  As former family mediators of the now closed charity Oxfordshire Family Mediation (OFM), we work in accordance with the values and ethos of OFM, with the good-will of the outgoing OFM trustees. We are qualified and accredited with the Family Mediation Council (FMC), members of the College of Mediators (CoM) and work in accordance with the FMC and CoM codes of practice.

As a group of family mediators we work together to:-

  • Receive and allocate enquiries,  principally by preferred location via our website
  • Develop and maintain our website with information about our services, how to make contact, how to arrange mediation
  • Deliver legally aided family mediation working with our partner organisation, Compass
  • Increase the flexibility and range of services we can offer to clients
  • Support each other to improve our standards and ensure professional development, including group supervision and training.

We meet regularly to discuss all matters relating to Oxfordshire Family Mediators.

Decisions to spend money as an association must be agreed by all members of the association and recorded clearly in a note of record; all the members thereby commit themselves to equal sharing of the costs agreed.  

The current Professional Practice Consultant is Kerry Williamson 0895A (and Kerry Williamson’s PPC is Margaret Pendlebury 0653A).