Our complaints procedure complies with the requirements of the College of Mediators (CoM) and the Family Mediation Council (FMC).

We aim to respond promptly and courteously to any complaint, formal or informal. We value the views of clients and will endeavour always to use these views in a constructive and responsive manner.  

All clients will be informed of the Complaints Policy and that full information is available on the OFM website, www.ofm.org.uk.

Any client dissatisfaction should first be addressed to the mediator, who will try to resolve the client’s concern, having  discussed the matter with their Professional Practice Consultant (PPC), where needed.

If the client remains dissatisfied and wishes to take the matter further, the client will be referred to the mediator’s Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) who may see if the matter can be resolved by informal discussion.

The client will be asked to put their concern in writing for a thorough consideration of the complaint. A written complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days, and further investigation and a response to the client will be arranged within 14 days.  Methods of complaint investigation will usually include all or some of the following:- reading case notes; direct contact with the complainant (meetings and telephone calls); indirect contact (correspondence such as letters and e-mails) and reviewing the complainant’s concern with the mediator.

If the PPC believes the complaint is justified, they will recommend appropriate redress. This may be an apology, a reimbursement of fees, a relevant explanation of how the Service works or an assurance for the future.

If a complainant is still dissatisfied then they will be invited to contact the College of Mediators. The College of Mediators will investigate a complaint according to the terms of their complaints policy (www.collegeofmediators.co.uk/about-the-college).

If the mediator or complainant is not satisfied that the College of Mediators has followed its procedure correctly, the Family Mediation Council can be asked to review the process, but will not normally re-investigate the substance of the complaint.