Children and Young People's Services

Children and Young People's Services at
Oxfordshire Family Mediation

Oxfordshire Family Mediation (OFM) is dedicated to supporting children and young people aged 6-18 who have been affected by family breakdown through no fault of their own. Despite separation and divorce being an issue which affects nearly half the population, we recognise that there is little support out there for the children and young people, who more often than not, get caught in the middle of acrimonious family relations.

Children's Voice

Our Children’s Voice service is designed to give children and young people aged 6-18 a safe space in which to explore their feelings surrounding their parents' separation or divorce. For more information on this one-to-one therapeutic support service at outposts across Oxfordshire, or to make a referral, please click here, or visit our FAQs page.

Family Breakups is a website designed by young people, for young people, and offers support and advice on the issue of parental separation. With regular video and voxpop uploads via its YouTube channel - plus music, film, book an activity recommendations - Family Breakups offers a space where young people can come together and realise that they are not alone in their experiences of family breakdown and find comfort in a peer-led platform. 

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Fragments is a pioneering project which offers creative workshops in schools for young people who have been affected by parental separation. Through forum theatre, art, web design, animation, music, film and more, young people are encouraged to explore their experiences of family breakdown in a creative, supportive and peer-led environment. In the most recent phase of the project, young people worked together to create, the first support website of its kind to be created by young people, for young people, based on their experiences of parental separation.

For more information on the Fragments project, click here.

Group Workshops

OFM also offers group workshop packages for primary schools, secondary schools and early intervention hubs across Oxfordshire, aimed at promoting peer support networks and enabling those who take part to realise they are not alone in their experiences of family breakdown. For more information click here, or to book a workshop series, please call the OFM office on 0844 847 6658 or email us.

Training, Assemblies and Workshops

OFM offers comprehensive training packages for parents and for professionals working with children and families affected by separation and divorce.

We also offer assemblies, PSHE sessions, and enrichment programmes for children and young people aimed at promoting understanding and access to support for those affected by parental separation and divorce. For more information, please contact OFM.

Client Feedback

Since our services for children and young people were established nearly twenty years ago, we have helped hundreds of families to cope with the difficulties presented by parental separation and divorce. See what some of our previous clients have had to say about our work;

"I learnt that it isn't your fault when they split up" (anonymous Group Workshop participant)

"My child used OFM at a time of emotional upheaval both at home and at school; it helped enormously on both accounts and provided an independent check for me to know that things were beginning to settle down and for hopefully a happier future for us all" (anonymous parent)

“I could tell an external source what was happening at home and help to resolve family troubles” (anonymous Children's Voice client)

"I know I'm not alone, it's normal. I have more confidence" (anonymous Fragments participant)


If you are a child,young person, parent or professional looking for information and support in addition to the services offered by OFM, you may find it helpful to visit our Signposting and Support page.


We are looking for an admin volunteer to assist us with our Children and Young People's services. If you think this could be you, please fill in an application form and email it back to us. Thank you - we look forward to hearing from you!